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The Money Manager
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Priority #1 Bills Get Out of Debt Tame the “Monsters” Plan for Success Results
Highest priority items are always shown first.

Includes a variety of common categories.
Groceries, rent/mortgage, automobile, utilites, etc.

Separates the “must pay” bills from the luxuries. Electric bill vs. morning coffee.

Effortlessly keeps track of all the pieces.
May are done automatically for you, and simple steps for the others.

Reminds you of what must be paid each month.
Imagine never missing a payment again!

Organize your bills.
Convenient folders provided for storage, so you don’t throw them away.

Manages all the members of your household.

Handles bills that are not paid every month.
Property tax or insurance.
Learn to use credit cards properly.
The program makes it easier to track their use. One of the easiest ways to get out of debt is to stop building debt! This program offers a simple and effective way to see up-to-the-minute information on how you are staying within your plan of action.

You will learn to manage your credit cards expenditures for protection of purchases rather than growing debt.

Strategies for reducing your debt become easier to see when your income and expenses are clearly described.

“Reserve” feature supports savings.
Best practice tips are offered to provide Awareness and Choices.
Nothing’s hidden, so no surprises.
Everything for the month is shown at once, even those bills that are only paid twice a year. You’ll never get caught with, “Oh, no! I forgot the property tax is due this month!”

The software is user-friendly.
“I found it as easy as email.” Go to any page at the push of a button.

An easy, step-by-step process.
1. Set up a Money Plan.
2. Enter every time you get money.
3. Enter every time you spend money.
4. Look at the results.

It’s all organized for you.
Convenient folders for every month to store your bills. Tabs color-coded with the software to tie it all together. Easy steps to follow. Extra forms supplied that will help you manage bank accounts or credit card statements.

Warns you if you are missing anything.
Catches those tricky details that you might miss. Shows if you are starting to spend too much or earn too little. Avoid red numbers!
Easy to plan ahead.
Just answer “How much do you pay each month for a bill?” Congradulations! It’s made a Money Plan for you!

What’s a “Money Plan”?
Your flexible “budget” for what you’ll earn and pay for each bill.

Try different approaches.
Compare “Optional” plans side-by-side and see what works best for you!

The Reality Tracker
Every month, see if you’re meeting your own goals. Were you too optimistic? Or was there money you didn’t expect? Be honest, and you’ll really see where your money goes. Update your Money Plan with everything you spent money on this month. You’ll soon see where it all went. (“No... I couldn’t have spent $400 on coffee... could I?”) See what you can afford.
The first thing you see is your financial picture.
You can see “How I’m Doing”:
• By each month (past, present, and future)
• For the whole year
• A summary at a glance

See your trends.
See if the total numbers are going up or going down month-to-month. Graphs show you if you are getting ahead or falling behind.

Document everything.
Journals for “Income” and “Expenses” to log every time you receive or spend money for the whole year. Document when it happened, and what you spent it on. Push a button for a month, and print out everything that happened that month. When you need to go back to see what happened, it’s all there for you. It helps you develop next year’s plans, too!

Find specific items in less than 30 seconds.
With our handy “filters”, you can see how much you spent on those very specific items.