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    "Nail down your tax deductions!"
    Choose the system that best fits your needs:
Taxes Know your Profits Strategies Special Features Keep it Separated

Offers the four quarters required for business. Estimates your taxes.

Special schedules provided for tax-deductible items:
• Home Office
• Automobile use
• New equipment
• Meals or entertainment

Provides tips, reminders and alerts in areas that may trigger an audit.

T.A.P.: Tax Audit Protection.

Go to the "Profit " page and get the "bottom line" instantly!

Why so little profit? It’s easy to analyze separated Income.

See it "at a glance".

Print reports at a touch of a button.

"I’ll never worry about a Tax Audit again!"

Once you know how your business is doing, you know how to improve it.

The more tax-deductible, the better.

Know where your money is going.

• Properly tracks cash withdrawn

• A "mini-journal"

• "Quick Start" guide

• Handy "filters"

• Helps organize your business records

Separate your business items from your personal ones.

What percent was for business? You’re in charge: you decide.

See what’s left for yourself: "If I made that much money, where did it go?"