"Our daughter and her husband have been married for many years. They are both college educated, leaders in their community, and appear to the world to be a successful couple at the top of their game. And yet they never seem to have enough money. After we had received three requests for short-term loans to cover their monthly expenses, my husband and I finally figured out the problem. My daughter and her husband simply didn’t know how to manage their money.

For Christmas, instead of getting them an appliance they might never use, we gave them a Gift Certificate from k.m.d. . . . Financial Fitness Services & Products.

As it turned out, they were delighted with their gift and immediately created their budget for the New Year. Within just a few weeks they were beaming with pride over their new successes in managing their money. They used this information to start making better financial decisions on a day-to-day basis. For the first time in their lives, my daughter and her husband were learning to live within their means.

The best news is each month, like clockwork; we get a check from my daughter and her husband as they repay their loan. And that makes everybody happy!"

The Money Manager is a Great Gift Idea for:
- Anniversaries
- Graduations
- Birthdays
- Christmas
- New Year’s
- Weddings

“I wished I had received the Money Manager as a Wedding Gift instead of the $2,000 worth of china that has never been used!”

The Profit & Loss Tax Estimator is a Great Gift Idea for:
Employees: Job related expenses
Self Employed Individuals (Real Estates Agents, Financial Managers, Consultants . . .)
Small Start-Up Companies (Construction, Retail, Service Providers. . .)
Entrepreneurs: (Inventors, Designers, Investors . . .)

The Office in the Box is a Great Gift Idea for:
Small Business Owners
And many more!

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