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Our vision is to introduce you to the secrets of creating your own financial success!
Our objective is to level the playing field for middle class Americans who seek financial success.

You may have read self-help books on getting rich, getting out of debt, and being a success. By taking the information one step further, our comprehensive financial fitness products and programs provide the tools for living WELL within your means—knowing exactly where you are financially at any given moment.

Today’s challenges - credit card debt, home mortgage foreclosures, sending your child to college, retirement, tax troubles, more month then money, etc. - make it vitally important to take care of your health and happiness through financial fitness.

The secret to your financial success will not come from the latest book, gimmick, or advisor. Financial success comes from within you and your commitment, and willingness to make your dreams and desires a reality.

KMD will show you how to develop a plan of action to get your finances on track and offer ongoing support as you build your financial habits. In a very short time you will be in charge of your money. You will learn critical thinking when it comes to spending and savings, vacations, personal needs and much more.

Our comprehensive financial fitness programs include workshops, personal counseling and coaching, group support, financial fitness power tools (software, products and empowerment materials), retreats, stress reduction trainings, credit repair support, professional tax experts and financial advisors at very affordable prices.

We invite you to find the financial fitness program that speaks to your situation and give serious thought to taking you next step towards your financial health and fitness.

Training Options
  • Group training, a proven method of empowerment, conducted with your comfort and privacy in mind.
  • For those who prefer, we continue to offer private consultations and training.

Whatever your choice, you will gain powerful tools for living and learn the steps you need to make the life you dream of a reality!